Second week in Monte Gordo

Update from Sunny Portugal

Welcome to this new blog where I will write about Health and Motivation. There will be some personal stories, some science and some pure movement joy. How about that? If you rather read this in Swedish I have the similar content on the Swedish iFORM page in ”Motivationsbloggen”.

For the moment I’m working as a physiotherapist with Springtime Travels in Monte Gordo, Portugal. This is my second of three weeks.

During the first week I wanted to do EVERYTHING, all the classes,, although we were told in the introduction meeting to pick out some of the classes, so we souldn’t wear us out. But after some (read:alot) soreness in the body I realized I get much more out of the training when choosing just a few classes in my free time and I enjoy them much more as well. Giving treatments and massage is also more demanding than I thought it would be. Normally I study most of the day so the intensity is quite different. This week I also spend some more time on the yoga-mat I’ve rolled out on my hotel-room. How do you vary your training?

The sun is shining, although a little bit colder this week. More wind. In the picture in the header above I’m posing togehther with Britt-Marie. She told me how to twitch my arm, thumb back to get a better looking arm. It was an advise from a famous Swedish dancer. So your welcome to use it as well : )

I love the working clothes,Nice!

♥ With Love, Majja



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